A Weekend to Remember

The year 2012 is quickly coming to a close, and living up to our roommate reputation, we are going out with a bang.  Each night this weekend was a different adventure, experience, event, whichever word you see fit, with our friends and the one and only cover band Fish Out of Water.

Friday was the Trappe Tavern, and Desiree and I made the full hour drive there without hesitation.  Amazing night, but unfortunately when driving home, a man decided to swerve into my lane and swipe my side mirror, shattering the glass.  Frustrating, annoying, and, yes, I was upset.  But… it could have been worse.  Life goes on, and why would I let one crummy moment ruin a perfectly awesome night?  That’s silly, and life’s too short to worry about things out of my control.

At Penguin's Pub

At Penguin’s Pub

As fun as Friday was, though, Saturday was that much better.  Fish Out of Water opened for our good old friends, The Rockets, at Penguin’s Pub.  Dancing the night away, nothing spectacular happened… But I laughed a lot.

It was a good night.

With our friend, Allee

With our friend, Allee

It was great, actually.

So while everyone bids farewell to 2012 and hopes for a better 2013, I’m doing okay.  We all go through ups and downs, but the ups keep us going.  This weekend was one of the better ones, another reminder of how fortunate I am, and why it’s fine to hope for the best for 2013, but to remember all the good from 2012, too.

Because, roommates, all our friends out there, we have some pretty fantastic memories.  From those times when we are screaming the lyrics to “American Girl” to ordering morning dinner at the diner.  Thanks.

Cheers to 2012, and see you soon…


Chilly Weather

Weather Update: It’s winter, and it’s cold out there!

As a kid, I always dressed inappropriately for the weather during winter.  It could be a blizzard outside, and I would run over to

Snow on the trees

Snow on the trees

my friends house with a hooded sweatshirt.

Three feet of snow, and I went outside in sweatpants, rolling down the hill, literally soaked to the bone by the time I went back inside.

My best friends lived two doors away, and that was where I spent most of my time.  We would eat fudge striped cookies, drink hot chocolate and sit on towels and blankets to avoid dripping water all over the floor.

Now that I’m older, I cannot fathom purposely putting myself through that type of torture.  I will always dress the correct way if it is cold and look like a bundled up eskimo if need be!

Our heat is broken on half of our house, and it is cold inside.  At night, Desiree said she sleeps wearing her jacket with the hood up under the blankets.  And last night was the first night, I actually slept under my covers like a little kid hiding out and wore two pairs of socks.

I’ll make some hot chocolate and be the complete opposite of the little kid in me who loves to be out in the cold, but I need that heat to be fixed!  The cold weather should be outside, not inside!

Maybe I should head to the store for some fudge striped cookies…

Code Names

The Beginning of Code Names

Birthday in Conshy, 2011

Birthday in Conshy, 2011


Ever since we first started going out to bars together, Desiree and I would make up code names for people.

There was a Stove, a Mr. Brightside, Girlfriend of the Year, and even a Psycho.  All those names were relevant to the people, and if they were around, we knew how to talk about them without having them ever know what we were doing or who we were referencing

When we first moved in with BK, we discovered the TV drama, 90210, on Netflix.  People then were awarded names that matched the characters Dixon, Liam, and Austin.

Grey’s Anatomy

Now that we have watched all of the seasons of 90210, we spend our free time watching Grey’s Anatomy, and we’re only halfway through.  The characters on this show seem to mirror many people and situations in our lives, minus being doctors and the surgical aspect of course.

Meredith and Cristina

Meredith and Cristina

Desiree is Meredith, the show’s main character, who is best friends with Cristina Yang, my alter ego.  They fight and stop talking, but they’re always there for each other, and if the day is bad enough, they drink tequila and dance it out.  A little drinking and dancing tends to cure life’s problems… at least for a little while.

What it comes down to is having that person who balances you out.  Nobody is perfect, and everyone has their flaws, but when Cristina can only see the black and white, Meredith shows her the gray.  And when Meredith can’t pick herself up again, Cristina reminds her of how strong she truly is.  Meredith is Cristina’s person. Desiree is mine.

Unfortunately, McSteamy and McDreamy just do not exist in our real lives…. yet.  However, we have awarded Burke and Karev to two individuals, but trust me, you don’t really want to be either.  Not in these cases.

What we really need is to find a George.

“Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves.  We throw tantrums when things don’t go our way.  We whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark.  We look for comfort where we can find it.  And we hope.  Against all logic.  Against all experience.  Like children, we never give up hope.” – Meredith

Magical Additions

Our house is your typical home.  We have couches in the living room, a fridge in the kitchen and steps that lead up to our bedrooms.  Not a fan of those steps.  I think we could do better.

Here are my thoughts on some magical additions.

Fire pole in the living room

Fire pole in the living room

The Fire Pole

So much easier than walking down the steps, why not just grab hold of the pole and slide down?  We could save so much time.

Not only would this eliminate the time consuming task of walking down the stairs, but it could also serve as a laundry chute.  Nobody would stumble down those final steps carrying the basket of clothes!  Look at all those injuries avoided.

We could even lower and raise food or drinks to each other, instead of having to walk up and down the stairs.  Surely if we set up a fire pole, we could figure out a pulley system.

Not only are all of these legitimate reasons to add a fire pole to our home, but it could also provide a great new source of exercise.

Slide downstairs

Slide downstairs

The Indoor Slide

Seriously, this slide could possibly be the coolest attraction.  Everyone would want to gather at the house of those “three cool kids with the indoor slide!”

Forget about any trouble with walking down those steps anymore.  Now you just slide down.  We can even keep a little bouncy mat on the bottom for us to land on and hop up again.

Again, the laundry chute applies.

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

We have discussed this potential for months now, and it seems reasonable, not any real damage or alterations to the design of the house.

We can just make our way up and downstairs.  If we have something heavy, we won’t need to carry it up all those steps; we can just set it on the chair and raise it up, or down as the case may be.

There they are… my three ideas for how we can make our home a little more magical.

Like Disney World.

There would just be so much extra space to do activities!

Three’s Company


How It All Began

It happened like this…

This past Spring, my best friend, Desiree, (that girl you see on the right), and I, (the other girl in the picture), met up with BK, (the one with the hat), at McStew’s Irish Pub, a local bar, to watch a Flyers game.  That’s all it was supposed to be.

But I had been ready to move out of my house about, oh let’s say five years, and BK was looking for roommates.  So after a beer and a goal, Desiree and I both agreed to move into the two upstairs rooms in BK’s row home in the Northeast.


How We Met

Desiree and I had worked together for awhile, both being teachers, and after realizing we had a lot in common, started to hang out.  Our friendship was built upon, surprisingly enough, following a cover band around for a summer.  We had gone to a place called Brownies in Ardmore, and a singer handed us a card to come back out to Manayunk the next night and see them again.  They were The Rockets.  It was Desiree’s twenty-second birthday.   And, from that moment on, everything changed.

We were young, and we were, a little, crazy.  Tuesday nights, Desiree would rush to finish work before 4:00 so we could headDSCN0567 down to Sea Isle and see the acoustic Rocket show at La Costa then drive back home to the Philadelphia area that same night.  Each week, we would drive down the shore at least two nights, without hesitation, and usually wake up for work the night morning.  We thought nothing of driving down Memorial Day weekend, without a place to stay, and instead of finding a hotel after a show ended, driving around and taking pictures wherever we thought interesting around different shore points.

We lived off of five-hour energy drinks that summer.  Time was never a concern.  Midnight, two in the morning… It didn’t matter.  If we were awake and happy, why worry about the next morning?

All good things come to an end, and that is basically what happened with The Rockets.  We’ll still talk.  We can still see each other, and all is fine, but we needed something new.  Desiree came across this band – Fish Out of Water.  They looked like fun.

We gave them a shot. They were playing at Bailey’s, and we liked their songs, we liked their energy, their sense of humor.  It was a great fit from the beginning, and it would be just like us to meet the band our first night at a show.

And only five months later, we made that decision to move in with the guitarist.

That’s how it all began… Where we were, how we met…. And now you have the background.

But the best is coming up, because now we’ve lived together since May.  Something is always happening.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.