Three’s Company


How It All Began

It happened like this…

This past Spring, my best friend, Desiree, (that girl you see on the right), and I, (the other girl in the picture), met up with BK, (the one with the hat), at McStew’s Irish Pub, a local bar, to watch a Flyers game.  That’s all it was supposed to be.

But I had been ready to move out of my house about, oh let’s say five years, and BK was looking for roommates.  So after a beer and a goal, Desiree and I both agreed to move into the two upstairs rooms in BK’s row home in the Northeast.


How We Met

Desiree and I had worked together for awhile, both being teachers, and after realizing we had a lot in common, started to hang out.  Our friendship was built upon, surprisingly enough, following a cover band around for a summer.  We had gone to a place called Brownies in Ardmore, and a singer handed us a card to come back out to Manayunk the next night and see them again.  They were The Rockets.  It was Desiree’s twenty-second birthday.   And, from that moment on, everything changed.

We were young, and we were, a little, crazy.  Tuesday nights, Desiree would rush to finish work before 4:00 so we could headDSCN0567 down to Sea Isle and see the acoustic Rocket show at La Costa then drive back home to the Philadelphia area that same night.  Each week, we would drive down the shore at least two nights, without hesitation, and usually wake up for work the night morning.  We thought nothing of driving down Memorial Day weekend, without a place to stay, and instead of finding a hotel after a show ended, driving around and taking pictures wherever we thought interesting around different shore points.

We lived off of five-hour energy drinks that summer.  Time was never a concern.  Midnight, two in the morning… It didn’t matter.  If we were awake and happy, why worry about the next morning?

All good things come to an end, and that is basically what happened with The Rockets.  We’ll still talk.  We can still see each other, and all is fine, but we needed something new.  Desiree came across this band – Fish Out of Water.  They looked like fun.

We gave them a shot. They were playing at Bailey’s, and we liked their songs, we liked their energy, their sense of humor.  It was a great fit from the beginning, and it would be just like us to meet the band our first night at a show.

And only five months later, we made that decision to move in with the guitarist.

That’s how it all began… Where we were, how we met…. And now you have the background.

But the best is coming up, because now we’ve lived together since May.  Something is always happening.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.


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