Back to the Basics

Remember when…

Desiree and I hung out for the first time in the beginning of 2011, only about two years ago.   So when Cinco de Mayo rolled around that year, it was one of our first mini adventures.

We decided to go to Tex Mex, which was, at the time, one of the few popular Mexican bars in the suburbs.  We were meeting our friend Heather and her boyfriend.  We drove up and down side streets before finding a spot 52 blocks away, give or take a block or two.  Then proceeded to wait in a line 100 people deep, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

That was our first Tex Mex experience together, and it was an awesome time.  Heather smelled the margarita and starting walking into people so her boyfriend left with her around midnight.  Desiree and I, of course, weren’t going home at midnight on Cinco de Mayo, so we drove the few miles to the PJ’s in Blue Bell.

We met some characters there, and code names were enforced (Stove).  It was one of those simple nights.  Nothing life altering happened, I’m sure people have had better Cinco de Mayos than that, but it was so easy.  So chill and fun…

And then we met those cover band boys.

We needed a night to go back to the basics.

Gotta Get Down on Friday…

Best friends

Best friends

The question of the night was where to go yesterday.  We bounced from Manayunk to South Street then remembered the PJ’s days.  So Desiree, our two friends Billy and Carmen, and I set off for Tex Mex.

No better way to start the night then a couple of margaritas, and I even got a parking space behind the bar!  It didn’t hurt to have a couple of extra strength 5-hours on the drive up either.

After our margaritas, just like Cinco de Mayo, we drove over to PJ’s and enjoyed some shots of jager, a little dancing and a good night.

Sometimes the best nights are the ones that go unplanned.


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