The Birthday WEEK

Birthdays Can’t Just Last One Day… Silly…

Birthdays are a time for celebration.  The world would be a totally different place if you weren’t here! “There is no one alive who

Posing with the birthday boy

Posing with the birthday boy

is you’er than you.”

With that said, Desiree and I decided long ago, celebrating a birthday for one day is silly… Birthdays deserve a week of celebration.  We have certainly had some memorable birthday weeks…

When we moved in with BK last May, Desiree’s birthday had already passed, and up to this point, we haven’t had the chance to celebrate any birthdays as the roommates yet.  Well, that all changed this week.  March 1st brought us BK’s birthday, and we definitely ended his birthday week with a bang.

The House Party

It all started with a Facebook event to invite a few people over for drinks Friday night.  Desiree and I ran around before the party, cleaning and gathering the random obvious materials.  Our last stop was the beer outlet where we got five cases, thinking that would be plenty.

Breaking for a picture before lining up the shots...

Breaking for a picture before lining up the shots…

Well by the end of the night, we went through over four of our cases plus the two cases other guests brought along with over six bottles of liquor.  I, apparently, became an expert bartender, and as the night progressed, Desiree and I would pour shots of anything and everything mixed together.  At one point, we were doing shots of sangria with our friends.  Everything became an excuse to do a shot – a new friend arriving, someone saying something funny, or discovering a new bottle… all reasons to drink.

Someone got really drunk and bumped into our TV stand… it broke.   Our TV thankfully is fine, but the stand cracked, and we need a new one.  That’s how you know it was a good party.

Okay, just so there’s no confusion, according to people who were there and after piecing stories together, it was Desiree and I who knocked into the stand.  It happens…  Whoops.

Nonetheless, we know how to throw a good party.  Now maybe the next time, we have a party, the roommates can manage not to blackout on the end of the night!


Popping Bubbles

Too Much to Handle

Desiree and I joke that friends can only hang out with us for a matter of one or two weeks before they realize we are too much to handle.  I’m not quite sure what it is about us that people can’t handle, but it’s a repetitive event.  So there’s something.

To others’ credit, we were a little ridiculous when we first became friends. Not everyone can have a weekend that lasts from

At Molly Maguires

At Molly Maguires

Wednesday night through early Monday morning and still hold a full time job.  But even since cutting back on that, people still tend to disappear.

Or just fade away.

Luckily though, we have a handful of friends who stick around.  They might not alway physically be there, but you know they’re there when you need them.  That’s all that matters anyway.

We’re a good time – Give us a chance. (:

The Bubble Theory

We have this theory with bubbles.  If you have ever had a moment where you feel like you are in your own world, and no one else is really seeing what is going on around you… you’ll get this.

Every once and awhile you are in a situation where the people around you are experiencing something on a whole different level than you, and you are left behind, wondering what is going on.  You are in a bubble, your own bubble, completely separate from the world.

The thing is, we all have our own bubbles, and when those people are experiencing the same event, their bubbles popped together, while you are left, floating outside the atmosphere.  Sometimes it’s a good thing for bubbles to pop.

Not always.

When an old friend, or, perhaps a guy from the past, enters the room with new friends, new guys.  It’s not always easy to watch their bubbles pop together. It’s even harder when your bubble refuses to pop, and there you are, left outside.

The best thing to remember in situations like this is that life always goes on.  No moment or situation will be everlasting.  Even if you are left in your own bubble the whole night, it will eventually end.

And tomorrow is a new day.  Oh, and if tomorrow sucks, it’s okay because…

The next day is a new one, too.

Just the girls

Just the girls

Back to the Basics

Remember when…

Desiree and I hung out for the first time in the beginning of 2011, only about two years ago.   So when Cinco de Mayo rolled around that year, it was one of our first mini adventures.

We decided to go to Tex Mex, which was, at the time, one of the few popular Mexican bars in the suburbs.  We were meeting our friend Heather and her boyfriend.  We drove up and down side streets before finding a spot 52 blocks away, give or take a block or two.  Then proceeded to wait in a line 100 people deep, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

That was our first Tex Mex experience together, and it was an awesome time.  Heather smelled the margarita and starting walking into people so her boyfriend left with her around midnight.  Desiree and I, of course, weren’t going home at midnight on Cinco de Mayo, so we drove the few miles to the PJ’s in Blue Bell.

We met some characters there, and code names were enforced (Stove).  It was one of those simple nights.  Nothing life altering happened, I’m sure people have had better Cinco de Mayos than that, but it was so easy.  So chill and fun…

And then we met those cover band boys.

We needed a night to go back to the basics.

Gotta Get Down on Friday…

Best friends

Best friends

The question of the night was where to go yesterday.  We bounced from Manayunk to South Street then remembered the PJ’s days.  So Desiree, our two friends Billy and Carmen, and I set off for Tex Mex.

No better way to start the night then a couple of margaritas, and I even got a parking space behind the bar!  It didn’t hurt to have a couple of extra strength 5-hours on the drive up either.

After our margaritas, just like Cinco de Mayo, we drove over to PJ’s and enjoyed some shots of jager, a little dancing and a good night.

Sometimes the best nights are the ones that go unplanned.

House Rules

The Unspoken Rules of Our Home in 19154

About a week after Desiree and I had moved in with BK, we were sitting on the couch watching TV, and he says to me, “So, you might not want to take a bath.”


“Well, the ceiling leaks over above the table downstairs because the water doesn’t drain quickly enough when you take a bath.”

And when was he planning to tell either of us…

“Well you both take showers anyway, but I figured I should give you a heads up.”

That’s just the beginning.  There are always rules.  School has rules.  Relationships have rules.  Parents have rules.  Life has rules.  Here are some of the house rules.

Our House Rules

Share the remote.  We get along fairly well when it comes to watching TV.  We can all agree on certain shows or movies like Knocked Up or Step Brothers.  An episode or two of the Office is always fair game, but if you’re a guy and you invite two girls from the 90’s to move in with you, Dawson’s Creek will pop up every now and then.  It is what it is.

Do your dishes, and rinse them off before placing them in the dishwasher.  It’s frustrating when the dishes pile higher and higher, and nobody claims ownership over any of them.  Sure, I will let a plate sit in the sink for a night, but eventually I’ll do my share.  I try to balance it out.  And on a sidenote, remember, the dishwasher isn’t a miracle worker.  If you had mint ice-cream with chocolate sauce, and your bowl is green and brown, rinse it out!  It takes ten extra seconds. Time it.

Respect each other’s limits, and praise each other’s accomplishments.  I don’t put the trash cans on the curb.  But I

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

bake, or at least I try to bake.  And I make ramen noodles at 3am after we all get home from the bar.  Desiree doesn’t clean the bathroom.  But she makes killer scrambled eggs.  And she took down all the Christmas decorations all on her own while BK was out and I was babysitting.  Lastly, BK doesn’t ever wash the blankets from the living room, and his pillows were flat when we moved in.  But he asks what we want when he does WAWA trips.  Oh, and he’s the one who takes care of the trash.

Communicate.  We’re roommates, we live together, we share everything.  If you live with someone and are forced to come home together, you have to talk.  It’s no fun to run and hide in your room.  You should want to spend time together.  If someone is bothering you, tell them.  Communication is key.

Make the memories worth remembering.  Stoop drinking.  Midnight pizza.  Drunk Jenga.  Roku.  Replacing the food that expired three years ago when we first moved in.  Not knowing what type of detergent to put in the dishwasher.  Passing out on the couch after a long night.  Nifty Fifty’s milkshakes… These are our memories.

I hope yours are just as good.

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to all!

Fish Out of Water played at the Stadium Bar and Grill for New Year’s Eve, but now we are almost a full week into the new year and time for those new experiences to begin!

Like I said in my previous post, though, I’m keeping all those good memories and experiences going with 2013.  It does not always have to be a fresh start, and last night proved this.  Desiree and I drove down to PJ’s in Cherry Hill with our friend Allee and new friend Lisa and saw The Rockets.

Another night full of good times… and hopefully this is only a preview of how great weekends in 2013 can truly be!

New Year's Eve, 2013

New Year’s Eve, 2013

A Weekend to Remember

The year 2012 is quickly coming to a close, and living up to our roommate reputation, we are going out with a bang.  Each night this weekend was a different adventure, experience, event, whichever word you see fit, with our friends and the one and only cover band Fish Out of Water.

Friday was the Trappe Tavern, and Desiree and I made the full hour drive there without hesitation.  Amazing night, but unfortunately when driving home, a man decided to swerve into my lane and swipe my side mirror, shattering the glass.  Frustrating, annoying, and, yes, I was upset.  But… it could have been worse.  Life goes on, and why would I let one crummy moment ruin a perfectly awesome night?  That’s silly, and life’s too short to worry about things out of my control.

At Penguin's Pub

At Penguin’s Pub

As fun as Friday was, though, Saturday was that much better.  Fish Out of Water opened for our good old friends, The Rockets, at Penguin’s Pub.  Dancing the night away, nothing spectacular happened… But I laughed a lot.

It was a good night.

With our friend, Allee

With our friend, Allee

It was great, actually.

So while everyone bids farewell to 2012 and hopes for a better 2013, I’m doing okay.  We all go through ups and downs, but the ups keep us going.  This weekend was one of the better ones, another reminder of how fortunate I am, and why it’s fine to hope for the best for 2013, but to remember all the good from 2012, too.

Because, roommates, all our friends out there, we have some pretty fantastic memories.  From those times when we are screaming the lyrics to “American Girl” to ordering morning dinner at the diner.  Thanks.

Cheers to 2012, and see you soon…

Code Names

The Beginning of Code Names

Birthday in Conshy, 2011

Birthday in Conshy, 2011


Ever since we first started going out to bars together, Desiree and I would make up code names for people.

There was a Stove, a Mr. Brightside, Girlfriend of the Year, and even a Psycho.  All those names were relevant to the people, and if they were around, we knew how to talk about them without having them ever know what we were doing or who we were referencing

When we first moved in with BK, we discovered the TV drama, 90210, on Netflix.  People then were awarded names that matched the characters Dixon, Liam, and Austin.

Grey’s Anatomy

Now that we have watched all of the seasons of 90210, we spend our free time watching Grey’s Anatomy, and we’re only halfway through.  The characters on this show seem to mirror many people and situations in our lives, minus being doctors and the surgical aspect of course.

Meredith and Cristina

Meredith and Cristina

Desiree is Meredith, the show’s main character, who is best friends with Cristina Yang, my alter ego.  They fight and stop talking, but they’re always there for each other, and if the day is bad enough, they drink tequila and dance it out.  A little drinking and dancing tends to cure life’s problems… at least for a little while.

What it comes down to is having that person who balances you out.  Nobody is perfect, and everyone has their flaws, but when Cristina can only see the black and white, Meredith shows her the gray.  And when Meredith can’t pick herself up again, Cristina reminds her of how strong she truly is.  Meredith is Cristina’s person. Desiree is mine.

Unfortunately, McSteamy and McDreamy just do not exist in our real lives…. yet.  However, we have awarded Burke and Karev to two individuals, but trust me, you don’t really want to be either.  Not in these cases.

What we really need is to find a George.

“Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves.  We throw tantrums when things don’t go our way.  We whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark.  We look for comfort where we can find it.  And we hope.  Against all logic.  Against all experience.  Like children, we never give up hope.” – Meredith