The Birthday WEEK

Birthdays Can’t Just Last One Day… Silly…

Birthdays are a time for celebration.  The world would be a totally different place if you weren’t here! “There is no one alive who

Posing with the birthday boy

Posing with the birthday boy

is you’er than you.”

With that said, Desiree and I decided long ago, celebrating a birthday for one day is silly… Birthdays deserve a week of celebration.  We have certainly had some memorable birthday weeks…

When we moved in with BK last May, Desiree’s birthday had already passed, and up to this point, we haven’t had the chance to celebrate any birthdays as the roommates yet.  Well, that all changed this week.  March 1st brought us BK’s birthday, and we definitely ended his birthday week with a bang.

The House Party

It all started with a Facebook event to invite a few people over for drinks Friday night.  Desiree and I ran around before the party, cleaning and gathering the random obvious materials.  Our last stop was the beer outlet where we got five cases, thinking that would be plenty.

Breaking for a picture before lining up the shots...

Breaking for a picture before lining up the shots…

Well by the end of the night, we went through over four of our cases plus the two cases other guests brought along with over six bottles of liquor.  I, apparently, became an expert bartender, and as the night progressed, Desiree and I would pour shots of anything and everything mixed together.  At one point, we were doing shots of sangria with our friends.  Everything became an excuse to do a shot – a new friend arriving, someone saying something funny, or discovering a new bottle… all reasons to drink.

Someone got really drunk and bumped into our TV stand… it broke.   Our TV thankfully is fine, but the stand cracked, and we need a new one.  That’s how you know it was a good party.

Okay, just so there’s no confusion, according to people who were there and after piecing stories together, it was Desiree and I who knocked into the stand.  It happens…  Whoops.

Nonetheless, we know how to throw a good party.  Now maybe the next time, we have a party, the roommates can manage not to blackout on the end of the night!


House Rules

The Unspoken Rules of Our Home in 19154

About a week after Desiree and I had moved in with BK, we were sitting on the couch watching TV, and he says to me, “So, you might not want to take a bath.”


“Well, the ceiling leaks over above the table downstairs because the water doesn’t drain quickly enough when you take a bath.”

And when was he planning to tell either of us…

“Well you both take showers anyway, but I figured I should give you a heads up.”

That’s just the beginning.  There are always rules.  School has rules.  Relationships have rules.  Parents have rules.  Life has rules.  Here are some of the house rules.

Our House Rules

Share the remote.  We get along fairly well when it comes to watching TV.  We can all agree on certain shows or movies like Knocked Up or Step Brothers.  An episode or two of the Office is always fair game, but if you’re a guy and you invite two girls from the 90’s to move in with you, Dawson’s Creek will pop up every now and then.  It is what it is.

Do your dishes, and rinse them off before placing them in the dishwasher.  It’s frustrating when the dishes pile higher and higher, and nobody claims ownership over any of them.  Sure, I will let a plate sit in the sink for a night, but eventually I’ll do my share.  I try to balance it out.  And on a sidenote, remember, the dishwasher isn’t a miracle worker.  If you had mint ice-cream with chocolate sauce, and your bowl is green and brown, rinse it out!  It takes ten extra seconds. Time it.

Respect each other’s limits, and praise each other’s accomplishments.  I don’t put the trash cans on the curb.  But I

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

bake, or at least I try to bake.  And I make ramen noodles at 3am after we all get home from the bar.  Desiree doesn’t clean the bathroom.  But she makes killer scrambled eggs.  And she took down all the Christmas decorations all on her own while BK was out and I was babysitting.  Lastly, BK doesn’t ever wash the blankets from the living room, and his pillows were flat when we moved in.  But he asks what we want when he does WAWA trips.  Oh, and he’s the one who takes care of the trash.

Communicate.  We’re roommates, we live together, we share everything.  If you live with someone and are forced to come home together, you have to talk.  It’s no fun to run and hide in your room.  You should want to spend time together.  If someone is bothering you, tell them.  Communication is key.

Make the memories worth remembering.  Stoop drinking.  Midnight pizza.  Drunk Jenga.  Roku.  Replacing the food that expired three years ago when we first moved in.  Not knowing what type of detergent to put in the dishwasher.  Passing out on the couch after a long night.  Nifty Fifty’s milkshakes… These are our memories.

I hope yours are just as good.

Chilly Weather

Weather Update: It’s winter, and it’s cold out there!

As a kid, I always dressed inappropriately for the weather during winter.  It could be a blizzard outside, and I would run over to

Snow on the trees

Snow on the trees

my friends house with a hooded sweatshirt.

Three feet of snow, and I went outside in sweatpants, rolling down the hill, literally soaked to the bone by the time I went back inside.

My best friends lived two doors away, and that was where I spent most of my time.  We would eat fudge striped cookies, drink hot chocolate and sit on towels and blankets to avoid dripping water all over the floor.

Now that I’m older, I cannot fathom purposely putting myself through that type of torture.  I will always dress the correct way if it is cold and look like a bundled up eskimo if need be!

Our heat is broken on half of our house, and it is cold inside.  At night, Desiree said she sleeps wearing her jacket with the hood up under the blankets.  And last night was the first night, I actually slept under my covers like a little kid hiding out and wore two pairs of socks.

I’ll make some hot chocolate and be the complete opposite of the little kid in me who loves to be out in the cold, but I need that heat to be fixed!  The cold weather should be outside, not inside!

Maybe I should head to the store for some fudge striped cookies…

Magical Additions

Our house is your typical home.  We have couches in the living room, a fridge in the kitchen and steps that lead up to our bedrooms.  Not a fan of those steps.  I think we could do better.

Here are my thoughts on some magical additions.

Fire pole in the living room

Fire pole in the living room

The Fire Pole

So much easier than walking down the steps, why not just grab hold of the pole and slide down?  We could save so much time.

Not only would this eliminate the time consuming task of walking down the stairs, but it could also serve as a laundry chute.  Nobody would stumble down those final steps carrying the basket of clothes!  Look at all those injuries avoided.

We could even lower and raise food or drinks to each other, instead of having to walk up and down the stairs.  Surely if we set up a fire pole, we could figure out a pulley system.

Not only are all of these legitimate reasons to add a fire pole to our home, but it could also provide a great new source of exercise.

Slide downstairs

Slide downstairs

The Indoor Slide

Seriously, this slide could possibly be the coolest attraction.  Everyone would want to gather at the house of those “three cool kids with the indoor slide!”

Forget about any trouble with walking down those steps anymore.  Now you just slide down.  We can even keep a little bouncy mat on the bottom for us to land on and hop up again.

Again, the laundry chute applies.

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

We have discussed this potential for months now, and it seems reasonable, not any real damage or alterations to the design of the house.

We can just make our way up and downstairs.  If we have something heavy, we won’t need to carry it up all those steps; we can just set it on the chair and raise it up, or down as the case may be.

There they are… my three ideas for how we can make our home a little more magical.

Like Disney World.

There would just be so much extra space to do activities!