Chilly Weather

Weather Update: It’s winter, and it’s cold out there!

As a kid, I always dressed inappropriately for the weather during winter.  It could be a blizzard outside, and I would run over to

Snow on the trees

Snow on the trees

my friends house with a hooded sweatshirt.

Three feet of snow, and I went outside in sweatpants, rolling down the hill, literally soaked to the bone by the time I went back inside.

My best friends lived two doors away, and that was where I spent most of my time.  We would eat fudge striped cookies, drink hot chocolate and sit on towels and blankets to avoid dripping water all over the floor.

Now that I’m older, I cannot fathom purposely putting myself through that type of torture.  I will always dress the correct way if it is cold and look like a bundled up eskimo if need be!

Our heat is broken on half of our house, and it is cold inside.  At night, Desiree said she sleeps wearing her jacket with the hood up under the blankets.  And last night was the first night, I actually slept under my covers like a little kid hiding out and wore two pairs of socks.

I’ll make some hot chocolate and be the complete opposite of the little kid in me who loves to be out in the cold, but I need that heat to be fixed!  The cold weather should be outside, not inside!

Maybe I should head to the store for some fudge striped cookies…