Magical Additions

Our house is your typical home.  We have couches in the living room, a fridge in the kitchen and steps that lead up to our bedrooms.  Not a fan of those steps.  I think we could do better.

Here are my thoughts on some magical additions.

Fire pole in the living room

Fire pole in the living room

The Fire Pole

So much easier than walking down the steps, why not just grab hold of the pole and slide down?  We could save so much time.

Not only would this eliminate the time consuming task of walking down the stairs, but it could also serve as a laundry chute.  Nobody would stumble down those final steps carrying the basket of clothes!  Look at all those injuries avoided.

We could even lower and raise food or drinks to each other, instead of having to walk up and down the stairs.  Surely if we set up a fire pole, we could figure out a pulley system.

Not only are all of these legitimate reasons to add a fire pole to our home, but it could also provide a great new source of exercise.

Slide downstairs

Slide downstairs

The Indoor Slide

Seriously, this slide could possibly be the coolest attraction.  Everyone would want to gather at the house of those “three cool kids with the indoor slide!”

Forget about any trouble with walking down those steps anymore.  Now you just slide down.  We can even keep a little bouncy mat on the bottom for us to land on and hop up again.

Again, the laundry chute applies.

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

Stair Chair Lift

We have discussed this potential for months now, and it seems reasonable, not any real damage or alterations to the design of the house.

We can just make our way up and downstairs.  If we have something heavy, we won’t need to carry it up all those steps; we can just set it on the chair and raise it up, or down as the case may be.

There they are… my three ideas for how we can make our home a little more magical.

Like Disney World.

There would just be so much extra space to do activities!