A week away...

Our home bathroom is currently out of use because of work being done on the shower, so Desiree and I have relocated to her parents’ home while they are away on a cruise.

Living with her younger siblings reminds me of back when I was a teenager and how different things are for people.  This is in no way, shape or form a rant… It is however a reflection upon what life was like when I was eighteen.

Certain things were simply expected.

The Expectations

1. My younger brother is ten years younger than me, and it was frequently my job to watch him, take him places, pick him up from friends’ houses and help him with his homework.

With my brother

With my brother

2. On that note, homework just was not an option.  It was my job, my responsibility, to get homework done.  No one was checking in to be sure it was done.  I simply earned A’s and B’s because that was what I was supposed to do.

3.  While earning those grades, doing my homework and caring for my brother, I worked.  I worked everyday, right after school ended as a Teacher’s Assistant at a daycare center near my house that I could walk to.  I had to because…

4.  If I wanted to drive, I was going to be paying for lessons for myself, paying for my own car and paying for insurance.  I worked to learn to drive and have that car I treasured.

5. My room was clean.  It was a reflection of me and my personality.  No reason it should be covered with a mess.

6.  I found my own rides to school.  My mother had to work to early, so I was responsible to leave on time by myself and get there.  If a friend drove, great… but if not, there is always that cool back seat on the bus.

Just a few things I remember from being younger.

Wonder if most people experience these responsibilities or have different reflections on their older teen years…